HOGOFILM is an independent production company and animation house, serving the greater Los Angeles area. We approach VFX production from a New Media perspective; we are built from the ground up to utilize new advances in technology, creating a high-quality, highly-competitive company without the inefficiency & costly overhead of traditional VFX houses.

Our animation staff is carefully chosen from top Hollywood VFX animators, with an emphasis on utilizing artists with a CG director or supervisor background. The owners have an extensive list of Hollywood credits & awards covering 15 years of experience.

Our experience with film production means we're more than just a VFX house. We have an eye for cinematic detail, keeping us focused on crafting visuals that fit your film, not just our ego. We can help bring your project to life.

CG Modeling, Animation, and Special Effects - we can create photoreal environments, particle effects, and character animation ranging from realistic to cute & cartoony.

2D Animation - we use a proprietary technique to create animation with the look of traditional cel animation, but with the fluidity of CG. This unique method, when paired with cel-shaded 3D environments, allows us to create a beautiful professional look that is quick & cost effective. To see an example of this style, see our featured video M51 & Gizmo in the sidebar.

Motion Capture - in addition to handkey methods, we can generate fast, realistic CG character animation using our optical motion capture system.

Additional Film Services - from scriptwriting & filming, to editing & music composition, our services range further than simply visual effects production. We also have stereoscopic 3D experience & greenscreen studio capabilities.

For questions or to request a bid, please contact us at:


NOTGLaDOS: Fusion vs. Fission (2014)
Ask an Astronomy Brain Parasite (2013)
RATS: In Progress (2013)
Red Faction: Origins (2011)
Big Bang: The Musical (2011)
Astronomy Anemone (2011)
The Poofessor (2010)
RATS: Destroyer of Worlds (2010)
Behind the Scenes: Dead Stars (2010)
Spaceship Spitzer: Destroyer of Worlds (2010)
Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical (2010)
The Displacifiers (2010)
Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide (2009)
RATS: Back in Time (2009)
Part Two: The Warm Mission (2009)
RATS: Gravity & the Great Attractor (2009)
RATS: Twin Brown Dwarfs (2009)
M51 & Gizmo: Half-Baked Plan (2009)
Spaceship Spitzer: The Slowlian Web (2008)
RATS: Sculpting With Stars (2008)
Psych Out (2008)
RATS: Building Blocks of Life (2008)
RATS: Omega Centauri (2008)
RATS: Baby Stars (2008)
Mountie Martin & the Space Diamonds (2008)
RATS: Water in the Universe (2008)
RATS: Asteroids (2008)
Spaceship Spitzer: Enemy Mine (2008)
Decaying Orbit (2007)


The Hogofilm-produced feature-length film Decaying Orbit has won film festival awards including a 1st-place win for Best Actress and 2nd-place wins for Best Actor and Best Sci-Fi Feature at the Shockerfest Film Festival. It was also a top-seven finalist for Best Feature Film at the Terror Film Festival.

The Hogofilm-animated M51 & Gizmo took a 1st-place short film award at the Kidsí First Film Festival.

Owner Tim Pyle has personally won multiple awards, including two AEGIS awards, a Telly Award, CINE Golden Eagle, and three NASA awards for producing CG animation. He worked on the Academy Award nominated Jimmy Neutron, the Emmy nominated series Starship Troopers: The Series, and received an Emmy certificate for his work on SyFy Channelís Children of Dune miniseries.


M51 & Gizmo
Produced for NASA's Spitzer Science Center, this award-winning animated short film uses Hogofilm's proprietary 2D animation technique. Click the picture above to view the entire 5-minute film on YouTube.